26 Sep 2016

7 Despicable Me & Minions Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Do your kids like Despicable me 1, 2 and Minions movies? Why not choose the minions costume for this Halloween then? Not only will they look cute in the baby minion costumes but preparation for Despicable Me Halloween costume designs is easy enough to do at home.
Here you will find seven easy Halloween costume ideas that can be made at home and require only material that is available in most homes.

DIY Despicable Me - Easy Halloween Costume ideas:

What you will need is a pair of blue jeans (a romper preferably), a yellow T-shirt, black gloves, big glasses for your eyes (these can be made by using tin cans or cardboard). Everything is self explanatory so just wear the gloves, yellow T-shirt and romper. The glasses need to be glued together if you are making them through the card board and attach them to a black string. Now wear them. That is it. Your Minions Easy Halloween Costume idea has been brought to action.

Minion DIY Halloween Cap:

Or, you can wear a minion cap with a blue romper and yellow T-shirt. Instead of using the glasses the cap will cover the ‘eyes of minions’ part. Just wear them and you are ready for trick and treat in the Minions Halloween style!

Baby Minion - Easy Halloween Costume Ideas:

Check out the Despicable Me’s baby Halloween costume idea for your toddlers. Just use the cap, a romper and a yellow t-shirt and viola - the baby is ready.

Girl Minion - easy Halloween Costume ideas

Small girls can also benefit from the minions look at Halloween by using the same technique that we have described earlier. Check out the below Minion look Easy Girl’s DIY Halloween Costume for inspiration.

Looking for Despicable Me Group/Family easy Halloween Costume ideas?

Well, if your whole family would like to wear Despicable Me costume then this picture can help you. Just get a scarf for Gru’s neck and a black coat/jacket and black jeans will do the trick. And of course you will need a cone for your nose.

This is it folks. The Despicable Me & Minions easy halloween costume ideas are infront of you. Try and test the Minion halloween theme. Tell us about your costume design in the comments below.