24 Sep 2016

5 Halloween Costume Ideas from 40 Rules of Love

Do you know Sham of Tabrizi? Well if you don't you should read 40 Rules of love. 40 Rules of Love is a book by Elis Shafak. It is about a US based lady who fell in love with a Sufi after reading his book 'Sweet Blasphemy'. The book is mostly based on the readings of Rumi and how Tabriz a wandering poet changed his perception about life.

But people do not actually view 40 rules of love from the costume perception and that is what we are trying to bring out of it.

We have created a list of top halloween costumes ideas that can be extracted from the book. Here are a few characters that you would love to act like on halloween in 2016.

1. Shams Tabriz

Shams of Tabriz, the character from 40 Rules of Love book, is actually the main lead. To tell more, Shams was actually a Sufi who existed in Turkey during 14th century. He was a gifted child and chose Sufism when he was around 12 years of age. He started wandering around the world in pursuit of God. Later, when his cup was full, he shared it with Rumi - and according to the book - it was shared at a much higher cost - the cost of his head.

Anyway, coming back to the idea, Shams of Tabriz used to wear a long robe. So get a brown robe that covers the whole body and that is it. Also, Tabrizi had messed up here so make sure to mess your hair up. Also bear a elegant and mature look.
Here is a picture of Sham Tabrizi

2. Jalal ud din Rumi

Rumi was a scholar, a sufi and an eminent poet of his times. Still, his quotes are read and loved by all because of the truth they speak. He was around 30s when he met Tabrizi. But after the death off Sham Tabrizi he was left sombre. His hair turned white and wrinkles started appearing on his face and blackheads beneath the eyes.
If you are eyeing Rumi for this halloween than take a look at this picture for direction.

3. Kimya

Kimya was the daughter of Rumi and the wife of Sham Tabriz. Unfortunately she died at a very young age because of a broken heart. You can read the book to know more about her.
Kimya was like any other Turkish wife of her times. A better depiction of her can be of a 13th century Arab girl. Please see the below image.

4. Aladdin

Aladdin was the smallest son of Jalal ud din Rumi. He loved Kimya and also was staunch opposer of Shams. According to the book, he supported the murder of Sham of Tabriz.
For the halloween costume of Aladdin, any male costume of 13th century will do. However, he wasn't like his father Jalal ud din Rumi, so a robe won't work.

5. Sultan Walad

The elder son of Jalal ud din Rumi was Sultan Walad. Sultan was always the nicer one. He even helped his father to find Shams after he had left Konya. Sultan Walad costume is same as that of Alladin because nothing specific is told about him in the book nor are greater details present about him in historical references.
However, we have selected the below provided costume

We hope you will like our collection of 5 halloween costume ideas from the book 40 rules of love by Elif Safak.
Do tell us how you will prepare the costumes and which character was the best in this book in the comments below.