27 Sep 2016

5 Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas that you will love

Sometimes you don’t find time to pick up a dress that will work on Halloween. And when you realize that it is pretty late. Then you get all hyped up and think which dress will best work. If this is going to happen to you and probably it will, then we got your back with our 5 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas that are hopefully available in cheap.

1. Quick & Easy Cat Halloween Costume

Everybody loves cats. 90 percent of the world is a cat person and that can easily be proven by the fact that majority of the internet is filled with their faces. Don’t believe me search yourself. Making a Cat costume requires

-          Whiskers: These can be made at home using cardboard. Or, you can draw them through a marker – whichever suits you
-          Tail: The tail can be made at home using a stick with stripes or you can buy them at a Halloween costume store.
-          Ears: These can be made using cardboard as well
-          Gloves: The gloves are a little difficult to make. You can paste cardboard on normal gloves to make them look like paws.
Now wear a black shirt, jeans and shoes with heels. Your outfit is complete.

2. Quick & Easy Pirate Halloween Costume

Aye aye capt’n! Your pirate costume look doesn’t need to actually look like Captain Jack Sparrow. You can make a decent pirate costume by just wearing a long T-shirt and a belt on top of it. However that doesn’t complete the uniform. To complete it, you will need a goatee, pony tail & a patch on one eye.

-          Pony: This can be made by your own hair. If they are not long enough use a cloth and tie it around your head like Rambo.
-          Eye Patch: A pirate is nothing without an eye patch. So, get a string and tie it with a piece of black cloth on one side. That will do the trick. To make it hard (so it doesn’t bend) wrap a cardboard in between.
That is it. Easy pirate Halloween costume idea has been brought to action.

3. Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

With so many zombie apocalypse movies, a good costume to go with on Halloween is Zombie. The costume will look even better with a mask or simple makeup – if you can pull that off.  You will need the following:
-          Makeup or  mask: You can buy a mask from Halloween Costume Store – these will be available for around 10$. Or you can get makeup and use it on your face.

-          Blood splatter: Use ketchup but that is not a good idea. Or you can use red ink this will do the trick.
-          Costume: Any costume will do the trick. Because Zombies can be in any costume and you won’t actually need special Halloween costume for this idea to work.
That is it your Easy Zombie Halloween costume idea is implemented.

4.  Quick & Easy Halloween Costume ideas for Ninjas

Are you a martial arts fanatic? Do you love the Japanese ninjas that train in the mountains? Oh man you do!
A Halloween Ninja Costume idea doesn’t actually need a big budget as it can easily be made in home. Homemade Ninja costume will only require a black T-Shirt, a black pair of jeans & a mask.
-          Black T-Shirt & Pant: Normal clothing that will probably be available in your cupboard

-          Mask: A mask can be purchased from halloween costume stores or you can make it yourself.
-          Gloves: 

5. Quick & Easy Superhero Halloween Costume idea

A quick and cheap superhero costume will require a t-shirt. This can be purchased from any Halloween costume store.  Just decide which superhero you would like to become and then buy its shirt.

-          T-shirt: Most superheroes have logo on their t-shirts. The good thing about it is that you can wear anything underneath.

That is it. These are five quick and easy Halloween costume ideas for you. 
Which Halloween costume will you be using on Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.
Images taken from Halloweecostumes.com/blog

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