21 Sep 2016

5 Angry Birds Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Angry Birds is a popular game... well I don't think you need to know that. Angry Birds is a game that every kid in the town knows about.
We are here to tell you about easy to make halloween costume ideas for 2016. There are many costume ideas and many new are coming each month with latest releases. Like we just covered Suicide Squad easy halloween costume ideas of 2016.
Just like that Angry Birds halloween costume ideas are given below:

1.       Red Bird: 

Red Bird Halloween costume will suit anyone who has anger management issues. Red Bird is the lead character in Angry Birds and is one of my vfavourite as well. If you would like to become Red Bird character on Halloween in 2016 than you need either an angry bird shirt or a full fledge costume that you can find from an Halloween costume store.

2.       Blue Bird:

Blue Bird is also known as Blues. Jay, Jake and Jim – these characters together are called triplets. The blues are a playable character in the game and were also featured at the end of the film. Their attack is of a bird rain as they drop in a similar fashion. The blues costume is best for groups on Halloween. If you are a group of friends, angry bird fans and looking for Halloween costume ideas, Blue birds might be your idea of group Halloween costume idea.
These are easy to implement halloween costume ideas as jake has orange feet while other two have yellow feet.

3.       Yellow Bird:

Chuck – the angry fast bird – is the one that we use to attack with all force in the game. This yellow bird can move with the speed of light when he wants. So, for our sharp friends, yellow bird angry birds costume may be for you.

4.       Black Bird

Named bomb, the rount thick eye angry bird explodes whenever he is angry. With some serious anger management issue, the black bird is a charmer when it comes game play.
If black bird bomb is your favourite character you might need to dress like it on Halloween 2016. The making of Halloween costume for black bird is easy.

5.       Big Brother Bird: 

Big Brother bird is Terence. He is Red’s big brother and in film he iss shown as socially awkward. But one can count on him when it comes to saving the eggs from piglets.
Big Brother Terence easy Halloween costume will suit anyone who is bulkier, humongous and a fan of angry birds.

So, these are top 5 easy to make Halloween costume ideas for Angry Birds. Tell us which angry bird character do you like the most.

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