18 Sep 2016

10 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas that look great with Beard

Halloween is that time of the year when everyone is around to celebrate it with different costume themes to attract others and to look as different as they possibly could. Creative Halloween Costume Ideas are available and have been used by different people for many years.

When listing down these themes, we also come up with the Creative Halloween costumes for adult. And more specifically when it comes to the men, they seek for the costume ideas involving beard. So here we are going to discuss the unique Halloween costume ideas 2016 that involve beard.

1. Wizard

Wearing a wizard costume would let you cast a spell on the people in the Halloween party as the wizards are the spell casters ever found in the stories. This character would let you and other people fantasize the reality with your magical and enchanting looks. A long beard, a long gown, a magician stick and a big hat is enough for you to complete an epic wizard costume.

2. Bearded Lady

This sounds a quite good idea for a man with a beard. Or it could be a good idea if you are interested in having a lady’s outfit being a man. This would make you look unique among everybody when you’ll be dressed up in the ladies costume and jewellery along with a grown or the artificial beard and moustache. Moreover, you could dress yourself up in ladies Halloween fancy dress as well to gain even more attraction.

3. Pirate

If you are upto being a bad boy in the Halloween party, then what else would make u worse than being a pirate with abeard. “My Life, My Rules” would definitely suit on you when being dressed up in a pirate costume. A long jacket, beard with moustache, long shoes, a hat, shoulder strap and a sword would let you grab the attention of different Halloween party people.

4. Yosemite Sam

When it comes to the cartoons and more specifically to the Looney Tunes, who doesn’t know about Yosemite Sam? It has been a famous beard character which was and still is loved by many. So if you’re looking for a unique cartoon beard style costume, this would do the best for you. A big beard, eyes mask, a big hat and black long shoes would do that for you. 

5. Yukon Cornelius

Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph proves to be a unique character with aunique costume for the Halloween season. This character can never be recognized without the beard, so that would make a perfect selection of the Halloween costume with the beard style. This character would make you look like a fatty bear. So, if you are fat already, this would be a perfect selection for you. Otherwise, make yourself fat by inserting fluffy material inside your jacket. All you need would be a large jacket, a hat and the beard with amoustache to be the Yukon Cornelius.

6. Scotsman

Are you looking for a costume involving a beard? Well, that’s not a problem at all. This Halloween costume idea would make you a unique Halloween theme selector. Being a man, a Scotsman costume for you includes kilt, top, beard, and hat. But if you want to make people laugh and interested, you could add any hilarious item under your kilt to make people tempted to see behind the scene.

7. Captain Caveman of course

One of the most loved cartoon characters having capabilities to grab the attention and make you look unique is the captain caveman of course. The simplest costume with the unique looks will make you a recognizable Halloween attendee. A long beard and a loose brown costume with a cape would do the character for you.

8. Tormund Giantsbane

When looking for the Halloween costumes ideas 2016, nobody can think of skipping the Game of Thrones characters. Tormund Giantsbane is a character with a spectacular beard and moustache, that could be the best choice you if you are a GOT and a beard lover out there. And who is not! This spectacular ancient warrior costume would cast a spell on the people.

9. Davy Crockett

Who would ever leave a choice of being a hero with the simplest ever Halloween costume? Yes exactly, nobody would!Davy crocket was an American folk hero who has inspired many of the people by his beard and the hair. You simply need to have a raccoon hat and a suede fringe jacket. And here you are done, you hero!

10. Hipster Santa Claus

Hipster Santa Claus was and will always be the attraction for everybody. This is a very natural costume that is incomplete without the beard. So if you own a really well-grown beard, you certainly don’t have to worry about finding and searching for different yet creative Halloween costume ideas for yourself. The Hipster Santa Claus Costume includes red trousers, upper and a cap. You could alter the halloween costume in order to look uniquely awesome.