17 Sep 2016

10 Most Popular Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas of 2016

What could be cuter than having kids and babies participating in Halloween party? Not a thing! And why not? Halloween has always been incomplete without the cute and sweet little things. Here are the very enchanting and elegant Baby Halloween costume ideas 2016 for little kids and babies, for making them a part of Halloween as well. Provided below are the cutest Halloween costume themes that every parent would want for their babies.

1.      Angry Bird 

Are you seeking for a Halloween theme that would suit on your little kids together? Don’t worry! The angry birds’ costume design would solve your problem. The different attractive angry birds would be a great choice for your little babies. Red, yellow, and blue angry birds are the most noticeable costumes in any Halloween party.

2.      Little Penguin 

The little creature that never loses its cuteness is the penguin. Let your little angel waddle in the penguin costume in Halloween season. The costume is not at all hard to make. You could dress your child up just with the fleece fabric and the penguin cap and let him roam around making the people pleased.

3.      Garden Gnome 

This little creature theme would be the cutest costume for the babies attending the Halloween. This theme suits more on the babies than on the adults because of the background of Garden Gnome. If you have a little kid, he would definitely grab the attention of the people when wearing a long hat with an artificial beard and eyebrows. The costume doesn’t include any extraordinary thing. Just a red long hat, white beard with eyebrows, a jacket with belt, and long shoes would do that for your baby.

4.      Feather Witch 

If your baby is a well-grown sweetie and you fancy to dress her up with some scary looks, then you probably should go for a feather witch black Halloween costume. These witch costumes can be found on all the Halloween costume stores out there with different variations. All you have to need is the witch hat with feathers, long gown with feathery sleeves, and most importantly a broom or a witch stick so that she could tell others about her ability to fly.

5.      Dory the Fish

This little fishy costume would make your little baby look adorable among the other Halloween participants. This character “Dory” is actually a little fish which is liked by many kids and would be one of the most suitable Halloween costumes themes in the year 2016. A fluffy blue belly costume with a fishy face and a little blue hat would make your little princess look amazing.

6.      Peacock 

Just imagine how amazing would your little angel look when running around with the peacock looks. Either your baby is a toddler or able to walk around, this costume would suit him to his best. This would give him the adorable looks. It simply needs a blue shirt and a few feather on the back with a feathery hat on his head. And here is your beautiful peacock ready for the Halloween.

7.      Mario Costume idea

And when it comes to Mario, everybody loves him. This simplest Mario costume would make your little kid get the attention in Halloween. Mario is simply recognized by his costume. Mario costume isn’t merely limited to the kids but is included in different Halloween costumes for adults as well. The recognizable Mario cap with a blue and red jumpsuit are the items in the costume.
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8.      Mickey & Minnie Costume Idea

One of the cutest pairs of the cartoon characters is Mickey and Minnie. This would be perfect if you have 2 kids, a baby boy, and a baby girl. This costume could also be worn independently by your single kid. For a baby girl, it requires her to wear pink or red frock along with the mouse ears headband, which will make her look adorable. And for your baby boy, he needs to wear ablack and red shirt with the same headband.Though it is alittle bit of an old theme but still it has managed its position among the top most popular Halloweencostume ideas 2016 because of its cuteness and the people’s choice.

9.      Lady Bug 

This cute little ladybug would cast a spell on the people in the Halloween party. Yes, that’s perfect costume for your little baby angel girl that simply includes a cute little black dotted red frock with black tights and shoes. All that she needs to look like a pretty ladybug is the bug headband for her.

10.  Pineapple 

This juicy fruity costume for your little baby would make him even tastier!. This is the simplest Halloween costume idea for your little one. Just dress him up in a yellow striped shirt with a green hat on his head. And here is your sweetest little fruit all ready to participate in the Halloween.

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