9 Aug 2017

Best Upper Body Workouts at Home using Pull up Bar (Infographic)

Here is a list of top upper body workout exercises to do at home using the pull up bar for beginners.

The list has been prepared so users can know that even if they do not go to gym, they can still remain fit. The upper body strength is necessary for our day to day activities, not only they make you stronger, but the upper body is the embodiment to core muscles. 

These muscles help the body stay in shape. The upper body works with the lower body, so the lower body should also be in splendid shape for perfect fitness.

This exercise routine will help hit all the muscle groups of the body while you exercise.

Use any upper body workout at home using bar to do these exercises. The upper body workouts impact the latissimus dorsi aka wings. They bring the V-shape in human body and are necessary for a solid body. The wings work with the shoulders to help you lift heavy weights. Wings also help in swimming and boxing.

List of Upper Body Workout Exercises at Home:

Beginner Pull-Up Bar workout options

  • Simple pull up
  • Wide pull up
  • Neutral pull up
Medium Pull-Up Bar workout options
  • Narrow pull up
  • Chin up
  • Muscle up
Advance Pull-Up Bar workout options
  • Extra wide pull up
  • Hammer grip pull up
  • Leg raises
  • Tricep Dips

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