2 Oct 2016

5 Homemade Easy Halloween Costume Ideas of Zombies

Today we are going to tell you some of the top-rated homemade easy Halloween costume ideas of zombies that can easily be implemented.

Zombies are the dead people walking. Basically zombies are corpses that have been revived by witchcraft.
So, coming back to the discussion, we have made a list of easy Halloween costumes for men, women, kids, toddlers and couples.

Below is the list, don’t forget to check all out and comment below telling us which one was the most adorable to wear.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women:

A simple costume idea for women that would like to dress up like a zombie on Halloween. 
You will need eye shadow so that you can make the skin around your eyes look black - this increases the depth of area. Next, add a few black spots on your nose. Finally use a pencil and make stitch like shape on your lips. That is it.

Homemade easy halloween costume ideas for adults

Men can dress as zombies in the similar fashion as women do. Men will only have to do makeup on their faces. The makeup can be powdered if you are doing it yourself but try to bring an original touch to it so it doesn't look weird. This picture of easy homemade costume idea for halloween can help you with makeup as well.

Easy halloween costume ideas for kids

For kids, you only need to buy a halloween costume for them, because costumes come pre-equipped with all the special arrangements needed to look like an actual zombie. Just buy a zombie halloween costume for them and you are good to go. If you want Micheal Jackson's thriller halloween costume for them, then do makeup on their faces as well.

Halloween costume for toddlers

Toddlers costumes are available all around the internet but if you are really interested in homemade toddler halloween costume idea, follow these steps.
Just use some ketchup or red syrup on his clothes and poke a big hole in the middle of his dress at some places. That is it. Now rub some syrup on his face as well.

Halloween costume for couples

This is one example of homemeade easy costume ideas for couples. First decide which dress you both are going to wear and then go about fine tuning it.
Some good ideas for homemade costumes are nurse & doctor, bride & groom, chef & waitress and so on...

So folks these are some quick easy halloween costume ideas that you can use on halloween 2016. The best part about these halloween ideas is that zombies is an evergreen concept. New movies that come up before Halloween just fuel it further. So, choose comfortably whatever easy zombie costume idea you are going to use. That is it.

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