12 Sep 2016

10 Halloween Costume Ideas of 2016 every Book Lover will Adore

Halloween has always been loved by the people due to the different and crazy looks to scare the heck out of people. But when it comes to the book lovers, their choice is not likely to scare the people but to look different and attractive. We are here to provide the book lovers with the scary and weird Halloween costume ideas 2016.

1.     Charlotte’s Web Costume Idea
Charlotte’s Web is one of a very famous Halloween costume themes loved by the story lovers. This theme includes costumes of a pig named as Wilber and a beautiful large spider named as Charlotte. The costumes of this pair are loved by many Charlotte’s Web lovers. It looks cute when dressed by adults, as it is also counted to be a part of Halloween costumes for adults as well.

The best thing about this costume which attracts the people is the weird combination of the pink pig and the beautiful large grey spider.
2.     The Lorax Costume Idea
This Halloween costume needs a single person to wear it. The costume has been loved by the people due to the story “The Lorax”. This story had been on people’s mind because of its cuteness. It has a grumpy charming creature called Lorax.

Image result for the lorax costume
The orange loose costume, with cap, yellow eyebrows, moustache and a stick to hold will make you get noticed by the Lorax lovers.

3.     Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume Idea
Well, this could be a perfect choice among the Halloween costume ideas 2016, and even better if you are a black lover. Be a Peter Pan’s shadow rather than being Peter Pan himself.
Coolest Homemade costumes 

You’ll be all black from top to bottom, which would make you look unique for Halloween.

4.     Ratatouille Costume Idea
It could be one of the cutest Halloween costume themes for 2 people, which would look even more elegant if one is a little baby. The little baby would be dressed as a rat and the other person would dress like a cook. Though it would not scare the people, but would make them love you.

A rat and a cook would certainly grab the attention of the people as it is one of the sweetest Halloween costumes.
5.     Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Halloween Costume Idea
Ancient story lovers would definitely love to be dressed in Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn costume. Basically, this costume targets 2 lovers. The queen look would make the people wonder how beautiful had the ancient times been.
Image result for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn costume
Boston Costume

The Queen’s inspirational beauty with the King’s bold look would definitely make people love it.

6.     The BFG
The BFG inspirational costume would make you look like the actual BFG character. The old weird man attending the Halloween which is being loved by the book lovers.

Image result for BFG costume idea
You would be The BFG with large ears, holding accessories. The accessories would include a suitcase and a trumpet whereas the costume would contain a simple large black cape.

7.     Bookworm
Dressing up in a bookworm’s costume would be the most suitable Halloween costume for the book lovers out there. It could be the most decent way of representing your love for the book reading by being dressed up in a bookworm costume. This costume is available on almost all of the Halloween costume stores out there.
Image result for Bookworm costume idea

The bookworm costume would attract everybody and will display your love for the books and stories. The look of a green worm with a book will make you feel like an actual bookworm.
8.     Harry Potter Characters
Harry Potter is the story read and loved by almost everybody. This would certainly grab the attention of the people who would have a glance of it. Either you are a single person or have a group of friends who want to be dressed along with you, Harry Potter characters would do that for you. There are multiple characters in this story which could be copied easily.
Image result for harry potter costume ideas

Harry Potter characters themselves are the attractions for the book lovers. 

9.     Miss Clavel and Madeline 
This story is simply amazing which inspires many readers. The inspirations let the readers and the lovers being dressed up like Miss Clavel and Madeline. It would help you create a gang if you are a small group of story lovers, willing to be dressed up together.

Image result for Miss Clavel and Madeline costume ideas
Miss Clavel and Madeline Costume Idea
As this theme covers all the females, so the costume of Miss Clavel and the Madeline would make them simply awesome. The costume doesn’t have anything weird to make you have strange looks.

10.  The Cat in the Hat
This costume would be a source of satisfaction for the people having an interest in book reading as well as cats. So what else are you waiting for? Dress up in this simple, awesome and cute costume to look like a cat in “The Cat in the Hat”.

Image result for The Cat in the Hat costume ideas
The Cat in the hat costume idea

The attraction is the cat itself. The mustache on the face, a striped long hat on head and black and white costume would make you look like the cat.

Which Halloween Costume Idea is on your mind? Do tell us in the comments below.

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