30 Sep 2016

5 Homemade Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Most women that are not in the working force would like easy halloween costume ideas that can be tailor made at home. Though there are many costumes that can be made at home but we have picked some of the best ones that you as a woman will love to make on Halloween. Because these are trendy and best for your Easy Halloween Costume Ideas in 2016.

1. Alice in Wonderland:

One of the Easy Halloween Costume ideas for women who would like to make a simple costume at home is Alice in the Wonderland. They only need to wear a frock, an hat and they are ready for Halloween Costume.

2. Paris French Mime:

Another special and easy to design Halloween costume idea is of French mime called Paris. Mimes mimic human body and they are very good at becoming shadows of people. A woman can easily make Homemade Mime costumes for herself. They only include a striped shirt and a black romper.

3. Cat Woman

Women can also make a Cat Woman Halloween costume if they do not have resources available, this costume can easily be made at home. As a matter of fact this easy Halloween costume idea doesn't even require extra resources. A black lipstick, some markers can do it without force.

4. Tomb Raider

Do you know the movie Tomb Raider of Angelina Jolie? Well, women can also make a easy Tomb Raider movie Halloween costume. The costume will require a black shirt and shorts and of course a gun with holster so you can wear it when you go out with friends to party or even if you plan to stay at home.

5. Super Girl

Last but not the least, the women can try Super Girl easy Halloween Costume Idea. Super girl costume will require office attire & a superman shirt inside. You can wear a dress shirt above it to look more natural. Just leave the top buttons opened so people can see it.

These are few easy Halloween Costume ideas that you can use. Tell us which one will you wear in comments below.