9 Aug 2017

Best Upper Body Workouts at Home using Pull up Bar (Infographic)

Here is a list of top upper body workout exercises to do at home using the pull up bar for beginners.

The list has been prepared so users can know that even if they do not go to gym, they can still remain fit. The upper body strength is necessary for our day to day activities, not only they make you stronger, but the upper body is the embodiment to core muscles. 

7 Aug 2017

Can I punch and kick a heavy bag every day as an exercise routine?

Best Heavy Duty Punching Bags – Reviews and Buyers Guide
It depends on how much:
- Exercise you are doing
- How much you eat
- Do you want to train as a fighter?
- Are you recovering faster?
How punching bags can improve your kick boxing routine?
A kick boxing bag aka a punching bag can help you train better. It let's you adapt to punching and kicking and improve your knuckles, shins and feet. But will it help you as an exercise routine? There are two answers to that.

3 Aug 2017

5 Best Ab Roller Wheels - Benefits, Prices and Exercises

Do you have fat around your stomach? Need to tone it down a little? That is where the need for a Ab Roller Wheel comes it. An Ab roller wheel is basically a device that helps you improve your muscles especially the area near your stomach and lower back.

The ab roller wheels exercises help people get abs fast, which is not possible by other exercises. These ab rollers are especially built for that purpose.

So, without further ado, here is a list of best ab roller wheels.

Here is a list of Best Ab Roller Wheels to buy for making killer abs.
Perfect Fitness Ab CarverBest for moneyCheck price
CSX Dual Ab Roller WheelMost affordableCheck price
BIO Core Ab Roller WheelBest for beginnersCheck price
Elite Sportz Ab Wheel RollerMakes perfect abs quickerCheck price
Valeo Ab Roller WheelSmooth gripCheck price
Benefits of Ab Roller Wheels:
Ab roller wheels help people get abs faster and loose weight. These are not only a good way to get in shape but the ab rollers are low cost. Anyone, who doesn't have access to a gym can build his own home gym using the ab roller wheels. Below is a list of benefits of using an ab roller wheel for your workout.

- Help make abs faster
- Improve your posture
- Increase your productivity
- Decrease lower back pain
- Help your get efficient and faster

6 Oct 2016

6 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Introverts

There is a smell of rotten pumpkins in the surroundings, the air is mysterious as ever and I am just shy to go out on my own. And the cherry on the top, just like any other year, even this year, I, as an introvert will rely on my isolation to celebrate Halloween.

4 Oct 2016

5 Multicultural Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

October has started and halloween is just around the corner. Though it is easy to find costumes for trendier topics but what if you would like something different, some easy halloween costume ideas for adults that is a merger of the continents.

3 Oct 2016

7 Quick & Social Media Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Social media is channel that allows users to interact with each other. Digital social media channels that allow masses to interact with each other have become influencers in the world. The biggest one is facebook that has around 1.5 billion users on it. After it we have twitter, google plus, pinterest, instagram, snap chat and many others.
With so much penetration in the society, people have literally started to dress as social media icons on halloween.

2 Oct 2016

5 Homemade Easy Halloween Costume Ideas of Zombies

Today we are going to tell you some of the top-rated homemade easy Halloween costume ideas of zombies that can easily be implemented.

30 Sep 2016

5 Homemade Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Most women that are not in the working force would like easy halloween costume ideas that can be tailor made at home. Though there are many costumes that can be made at home but we have picked some of the best ones that you as a woman will love to make on Halloween. Because these are trendy and best for your Easy Halloween Costume Ideas in 2016.

27 Sep 2016

5 Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas that you will love

Sometimes you don’t find time to pick up a dress that will work on Halloween. And when you realize that it is pretty late. Then you get all hyped up and think which dress will best work. If this is going to happen to you and probably it will, then we got your back with our 5 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas that are hopefully available in cheap.

26 Sep 2016

7 Despicable Me & Minions Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Do your kids like Despicable me 1, 2 and Minions movies? Why not choose the minions costume for this Halloween then? Not only will they look cute in the baby minion costumes but preparation for Despicable Me Halloween costume designs is easy enough to do at home.
Here you will find seven easy Halloween costume ideas that can be made at home and require only material that is available in most homes.