20 Sep 2016

10 most popular Halloween costume ideas from celebrities

To make your Halloween one of the most memorable Halloweens ever, we are going to introduce you to those Halloween costume themes which are inspired by the celebrities. These most popular Halloweencostume ideas 2016 from the celebrities are going to be viral ones throughout this year 2016. These viral celebrities Halloween costume ideas can also make you go viral in your Halloween party.

1.      Taylor Swift as Olaf from Frozen

She surprised the audience on Halloween concert in 2015 by her looks because she was dressed as Olaf from the movie Frozen. She was dressed up in a comfy white costume with a head mask which represented her as Olaf. She made people lover her by singing for them too.

2.      Miley Cyrus as Lil’ Kim

Miley Cyrus celebrated her Halloween party as Lil’ Kim. She was wearing a unique costume which made her grab the attention of the other Halloween attendees.This gorgeous lady with her gorgeous looks in this costume, made the people attracted towards this theme. This had been one of the viral costume ideas and still is the part of Halloween costume ideas 2016

3.      Katy Perry as a Cheeto

Katy Perry as a Cheeto just splendid the Halloween party with her costume back in previous years. Her bold looks inspired many of the people out there. She wasn’t concerned about the ladies Halloween fancy dress, but all she dressed was a perfect uniquely identifiable handcrafted costume with the packet full of Cheetos.

4.      Taylor Swift as Pegacorn

Taylor Swift was dressed as a Pegacorn for a Halloween in 2014.Her elegant costume included unicorn horn and the white wings, whereas the whole costume was a comfy piece to wear. It is one of the Halloween costume themes which were inspired by the celebrities and went viral for years. The fact that we can’t deny is that her cuteness made her costume suit her very well.

5.      Rihanna as Zombie

This 26-year-old singer made a choice of being chola gangsta zombie for Halloween party. Her unique costume and her painted body went viral due to her spooky looks for the Halloween. The stunning costume along with her perfect expressions and the realistic acts were so much inter-related that it made her look like a real zombie girl. This theme selected by her was loved by many and made her classy women for making theselection of a zombie style for the Halloween.

6.      Joe Jonas as Captain Jack Sparrow

Joe Jonas celebrated the Halloween as Captain Jack Sparrow. He was totally dressed up like Jack Sparrow, with the support of white costume, long wig, beard, and moustache. All he did was challenged the inner pirate of himself so made himself the most loved one pirate of all times. He splendid the party with his selected Halloween costume theme.

7.      Channingtatum as Winnie the Pooh

Channingtatum made a choice to be dressed up in “Winnie the Pooh” costume, rather than rushing into different Halloween costume stores for a selection of some other costume theme. He believed that he had scared theshit out of many children by terrifying them with his cartoon character costume for the Halloween.

8.      Matthew Morrison as Richard Simmons

Matthew Morrison rocked the Halloween party when he was dressed up with Richard Simmons costume. His shirt, short shorts, and crazy curly hair made people love his theme.

9.      Snoop Dogg as Count Snoopula

Snoop Dogg looked incredible as Count Snoopula on the Halloween party. Yes, he was looking cooler than many out there. He had always been liked by many, so his Halloween costume choice also made him the heart of the Halloween party and also made him go viral.

10.  Justin Bieber as Jackie Moon

Impressed with a very famous sports movie “Semi-Pro”, Justin Bieber dressed for Halloween 2015 as Jackie Moon. This costume went viral, which included a tiny pair of shorts with the sports shirt. The brown artificial hair and the ball in hand made him look like Jackie Moon. Justin was too much proud of his costume and made people loved it the way he did.

So, what are you waiting for? Catch the trend of the most popular halloween costume ideas. Choose the one that best suits you. Or, check out Angry birds costume ideas if you want animated costumes for your halloween party.

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