7 Aug 2017

Can I punch and kick a heavy bag every day as an exercise routine?

Best Heavy Duty Punching Bags – Reviews and Buyers Guide
It depends on how much:
- Exercise you are doing
- How much you eat
- Do you want to train as a fighter?
- Are you recovering faster?
How punching bags can improve your kick boxing routine?
A kick boxing bag aka a punching bag can help you train better. It let's you adapt to punching and kicking and improve your knuckles, shins and feet. But will it help you as an exercise routine? There are two answers to that.

Yes. The constant hitting will make your muscles tough. But it will have a receding impact in the long run because your body will get old with age. The best way to work around this is to do multiple exercises such as stretching. swimming, weight lifting and body weight training.
When we were in martial arts school our instructor used to perform stretches before the kick boxing training to prevent strain on the body.
Second answer:
If you only want to train with the boxing bag, you need to know what type of training you are doing and if your posture is right. if you are a newbie then using a boxing bag for punching won't have any affect on you because you are not familiar with the posture.
For an average person, training three days a week with punching bags is the best choice. Because your body will have enough time to relax from all the hitting it takes. 
Also, focus on your diet. if you do not focus on your diet and your posture is wrong while hitting the punching bag, it will have zero affect to improve your condition.
Punching bag training routine:
- Don't just focus on one type of trick. Use front elbow, back elbow, shoulders, wrists, upper cut and all techniques repeatedly with time.
- Do exercise in rounds. First round of punches, second of shins, third of elbows and so on.
- Train for no more than 3 minutes per round. Increase the minutes each week
- Use punching bag and then do shadow boxing and then again punching bag... repeat exercise.
Where to buy a Punching bag for training?

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