6 Oct 2016

6 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Introverts

There is a smell of rotten pumpkins in the surroundings, the air is mysterious as ever and I am just shy to go out on my own. And the cherry on the top, just like any other year, even this year, I, as an introvert will rely on my isolation to celebrate Halloween.

But as no one is made alone and even those who are alone share feelings with other people who are alone at some place on earth, I, therefore have decided to share my Easy halloween costume ideas that have similar taste as mine to these people.

May introverts succeed at their isolation and find solace in silence.

So here are my easy halloween costume ideas for introverts (tell me in comments how are they)

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Didn't have time for preparing a costume for halloween? Well, this time you can try the easy halloween costume idea Error 404 costume not found. Enjoy halloween while staying carefree about your costume. Where many will be being too careful not to tear their robes, or break the skeletons, your costume will be evergreen. No need to fear about tearing or breaking anything in a simple printed t-shirt.

Sleeping costume for Introverts

Not in mood to change dress for heading out on halloween? Why not just go out in the pajamas you were wearing yesterday? This is the best easy halloween costume you can get and that too for free.

Bat women Halloween Costume Idea

Become a bat women that doesn't give a dime about what people say.
There are many people who would love to be like this bat women and they would give one or two of their limbs to do that but they can't.
Dress up like this Bat women easy halloween costume idea and enjoy life.

No Face - Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are an introvert and isolated, both at the same time, there is nothing better than 'no face' easy halloween costume idea. The costume is easy to make. You just need a black robe. Wrap it around yourself and wear a white mask with these features. Look at the picture for guidance.

This Opposite Sweater Halloween Costume Ideas

A perfect and easy halloween costume idea for introverts. I myself will prefer this costume over anything else. The costume is simple to make. You would only need a sweater or Pajama that has a mask like this cylindrical thing (If you can name it, please post it in the comments below. thanks)

Hamster in a ball Easy halloween costume ideas

Hamster in a ball - easy halloween costume idea, is for those who would like to spend an isolated enjoying, travelling halloween. Although, IMHO, I don't prefer to travel on halloween but for some this might be an ideal opportunity. You can try your luck if you are able to find a ball like this.

Minecraft - Easy halloween costume idea

Minecraft easy halloween costume idea is for those who are avid players of minecraft. This costume is not much unique except the face part. As you can see the costume has a box that is pixelated - resembling the mine craft character.
PS: Search for minecraft halloween costume on google to buy it.

That is it folks. We have provided you more than six easy halloween costume ideas for introverts that you (if you are an introvert) can wear on halloween. If you are not (sadly), share the costume idea with on of your friends and help them find a decent costume idea.

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