3 Oct 2016

7 Quick & Social Media Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Social media is channel that allows users to interact with each other. Digital social media channels that allow masses to interact with each other have become influencers in the world. The biggest one is facebook that has around 1.5 billion users on it. After it we have twitter, google plus, pinterest, instagram, snap chat and many others.
With so much penetration in the society, people have literally started to dress as social media icons on halloween.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to provide seven social media easy halloween costume ideas to dress as on halloween in 2016.

1. Facebook 

2. Pinterest

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Google plus

6. Youtube

7. Snap Chat

Why you should dress like Social media icons on halloween?
If you would like to look different then what the crowd is doing, you may want to take this approach. These social media icons are easy to dress as and can easily be made at home.

These social media costumes can be used as easy halloween costume ideas for adults, kids, toddlers and couples.
Tell us in the comment below about what you think of quick and easy halloween costume ideas of social media icons.

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